On September 8, 2022, a manuscript titled, “Interdisciplinary Gamified Teaching of Critical Metals” was published in the peer-reviewed online medium called The Scholarly Teacher. The manuscript is a result of collaborative efforts of Maxwell Furigay (Penn), Nikhil Chellam (Northwestern), Dr. Marta Guron (Penn), Juno Johnson (Colorado School of Mines), Sarah Bennett (Colorado School of Mines), Dr. Leighton Jones (Northwestern), Dr. Wenqi Liu (University of South Florida), Dr. George Schatz (Northwestern), Dr. Eric Schelter (Penn), Dr. Fraser Stoddart (Northwestern), Dr. Shane Galley (Colorado School of Mines), and Dr. Jenifer Shafer (Colorado School of Mines). The manuscript details how K-12 educators can use resources developed by the CSSM (Mining Bingo Cards and Mining Flash Cards) to help introduce the ideas of geology and critical metals in an engaging way and ties it to relevant pedagogy in systems thinking. Congratulations to the team!