CSSM research activities include a strong component of innovation and drive to develop practical solutions to critical metals separations problems. We routinely file university invention disclosures and patents for work developed in the Center.

For example, Center members in the Stoddart group have worked with scientists and business people for the development of sustainable gold mining technologies at Cycladex. Information about this innovative gold processing technology can be found on the Cycladex website here.

The CSSM is committed to connecting with community partners to support sustainable waste management initiatives.

Our partner, PAR Recycle Works, is a non-profit that works to reduce recidivism through e-recycling.  To learn more about their important work with providing temporary employment for those returning from prison while working to responsibly and sustainably recycle e-waste, please visit their website here.


Urban Mining Company specializes in repurposing and recycling spent rare earth containing magnets, largely rom industrial applications.  If you’d like to learn more about them, please visit their website here.

If you are interested in industry partnership with CSSM, please contact guron@sas.upenn.edu.