Looking for an activity to use as a springboard to discuss mining, geology, crystal shapes, geography, and science?  Inspired by the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the Colorado School of Mines Museum of Earth Science, groups from the Colorado School of Mines, Northwestern University, and the University of Pennsylvania have developed interactive randomizable Bingo boards that can be used either in a physical mineral museum or using an online mineral museum such as this one.

The bingo board has five categories. Region(R), Ore(O), Composition (C), Color(K), Shape(S). The bingo board acts as an interactive template for a scavenger hung as a student adventures around the world of minerals. Each category is selected to help the student with basic knowledge of identifying minerals. The student must write the name of the mineral that fits the prompt. Only one mineral can be used on the board.

To access the spreadsheet and instructions to randomize the Bingo boards, click here.

To access the template into which to paste the values from the spreadsheet, click here.