Please join us in honoring Pride Month in June, as we host “Trans in STEM: Pursuing a Feminist Approach to Allyship and Research”, presented by Dr. Irving Rettig, Reed College on Monday, June 13 at 12 PM EDT.


What occurs at the intersection of gender identity and scientific discovery? This talk will showcase the importance of bringing the macroscopic lens of trans activism to the microscopic world of chemistry. As a transgender chemist who had published with his deadname before transitioning, Dr. Rettig began to speak up and call for changes to existing paradigms that had made it impossible to change author names on scientific publications, finding a small group of transgender authors pursuing the same cause. Two years later, as co-founder of the Name Change Policy Working Group (NCPWG), Dr. Rettig and his colleagues helped over 50 major publishers (10,000+ journals) to introduce trans-inclusive name change policies that allow this. This talk will chronicle how the NCPWG transcended outdated policies and the status quo, how these new policies improve the process of retroactively updating authorship, and what everyone can do to interrogate their own intrinsic gender bias to better support all gender minorities in STEM.
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