Congratulations to the team of Dr. Alexander Weberg, Dr. Thibault Cheisson, Christian Uruburo, Dr. Ekaterina Lapsheva, Dr. Pragati Pandey, Dr. Mike Gau, Dr. Pat Carroll, and Prof. Eric Schelter from the University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Subhajyoti Chaudhuri and Prof. George Schatz at Northwestern University for their tremendous work in winning the 2022 Anders Gustaf Ekeberg Tantalum Prize this year! The award was given for their paper, “Tantalum, Easy as Pi: Understanding Differences in Metal-Imido Bonding Towards Improving Ta/Nb Separations” which can be found here.

The award was accepted on behalf of the team at the TIC conference in Geneva, Switzerland.  What a testament to the power of collaborative work in chemistry! Congratulations to all!