We would like to acknowledge the collaborative efforts of Huang Wu, Leighton O. Jones, Wenqi Liu, George C. Schatz, and J. Fraser Stoddart at Northwestern University as they have successfully demonstrated instantaneous co-crystallization and concomitant co-precipitation between [PtCl6]2− dianions and cucurbit[6]uril, which relies on the selective recognition of [PtCl6]2− through exo-binding with cucurbit[6]uril. They have demonstrated that cucurbit[6]uril is able to separate selectively [PtCl6]2− dianions from a mixture of [PtCl6]2−, [PdCl4]2− and [RhCl6]3− anions.

The work was published in Angewandte Chemie and was funded by the Center for Sustainable Separations of Metals (CSSM), a National Science Foundation (NSF) Center for Chemical Innovation (CCI), grant number CHE-1925708. This research was also supported by Northwestern University.  Link